Tuesday, September 18, 2012

some stuff.

+ My all time favorite book is The Giver by Lois Lowry. I recently realized that it is part of a Trilogy...sort of. And by that I mean 2 other books are connected to it, but they all don't follow the same main character. Anyway, I just finished Gathering Blue and I'm going to pick up Messenger from the library tonight, along with Favorite Wife. Super excited. #bookgeek

+ My cat has followed me around all day. I think he's feeling a little left out since Paxton's arrival. I'll do some extra brushing and some claw trimming (not a punishment-- he actually enjoys it!) to show him how special he is. I may sneak some treats into his dinner as well....even though I'd just be killing him with kindness (literally) because he's already kinda chunky :)

+ I didn't take as much of a blogging hiatus as I thought I would after giving birth. Mainly because this is my escape. Logging on to catch up on my favorite blogs and write some entries of my own keeps me sane.

+ Brownie Batter froyo is an awesome party in my mouth. Just sayin'. If you have an Orange Leaf near you, you need to go purchase some ASAP.

+ A little over a year ago I started watching Desperate Housewives on Netflix Instant. Then Netflix got too cool for poor people and changed their pricing so we got rid of Instant. I recently rented Season 1 from a local video store (Yes, those things DO still exist!) but the final disc wouldn't play on our Xbox or DVD player :( They cleaned it and gave it to me again for free but it still wouldn't play. Sad. Maybe this is a sign that I shouldn't waste my time on this series. Unfortunately, I'm already hooked and I've added it to our Netflix mail queue.

+ I'm hungry.

+ In relation to the last fact, these things are DEE-LISH. Current obsession.



JKT said...

So glad you didn't take much of a blog break because I LOVE reading your posts :)

Katie said...

Glad everything is going good with you and your little one. It's great you can still blog with a little one on your hands!!