Thursday, September 27, 2012

paxton's birth story {part 2}

In honor of my little man turning 1 month old (this past Tuesday), I figured I would continue his birth story. You can find part 1 here. I left off on our drive to the hospital...

We only live about 10 minutes away and it was past rush hour so our drive was rather uneventful. I joked about how much fluid was exiting my body...and luckily I had brought a towel. We parked in the parking garage and walked to the Triage unit. Our hospital was under construction so it was actually a bit of a hike. The huge wet spot on my pants was embarrassing, but I figured the few people we did encounter understood my situation.

We arrived at the desk at 8:30 and, since I was pre-registered, only had to fill out one form. It was a very popular weekend to give birth and the nurses let us know how busy they were every chance they got. We sat in the hallway while they got a room ready for us. At this point even though my water had broken (and I was still leaking everywhere, by the way) I was not having contractions yet, so I was feeling fine and patient.

By 9:45 I was still feeling fine but no longer patient. I told JD that if we weren't in a room by 10 I was going to start seriously complaining. However, they were finally ready for us. I was in a gown and getting hooked up to the monitors by 10:30. They tested my leaky fluid to confirm my water had broken. The nurse checked my progress and I was 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced. Not really much different than I had been at my last doctor's appointment.

This is the point where I am no longer sure what time it was when things happened. My contractions started soon after we got our room and we began monitoring them on my phone app. We watched some Friends, I tried reading a little bit, and JD attempted to sleep. We kept in contact with our parents, who had left soon after we had called them. The Triage unit is a check-in place for women in labor. We had been told it is supposed to be used for about half an hour while the nurses ask you all the mandatory questions (which I don't understand because isn't all my information already on file?!) and take your vitals. That was all done, but we waited. And waited. Remember me mentioning that it was a popular weekend to give birth? Well waiting for a room in Triage meant also waiting for a Birth Suite. My contractions got stronger and the bed became more and more uncomfortable. It was not made to lay in for hours on end. JD walked the halls with me and was the official contraction timer. At some point during all this waiting I had a quick ultrasound to be sure Paxton was head down. Just as they had while we were waiting in the hallway earlier, the nurses continually told us our room was almost ready. I'm not quite sure what their definition of "almost" is, but it's not the same as mine. We did get credits to the hospital's gift shop and cafeteria for the wait.

At 5:30 am (9 HOURS after arriving!) our Birth Suite was ready. Right before our nurse came to escort us down, a strong contraction made me nauseous. I really hate getting sick to my stomach, so I had hoped this wouldn't happen to me during labor. Looking back, I'm not sure why that was the thing I was so worried about!

The story will wrap up in Part 3- coming soon :) Here are some shots of my snuggle bug to hold you over 'til then.

 slobber mouth

"rad like dad"

 sleepy boy

fun in the swing

haha- eyes were open until the flash!

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