Saturday, September 22, 2012

paxton's birth story {part 1}

I wanted to put Paxton's birth story into writing in order to preserve these facts in my mind. I realize not all of you want to know the details of my labor and delivery, so my advice to you is to simply not read these posts. For all others- read on and enjoy.

Friday, August 24th was like any other day. (I feel like this is how all birth stories start...) I hung around the house doing some cleaning, cooking, napping, etc. while JD was at work. I texted my mom with the daily update (starting about a week before my due date- the 20th- my mom requested that I check in every day) and told her I felt completely normal. No signs of labor. By this point we were all getting very frustrated and anxious. A few days earlier at my 40 week appointment, I was about 1 1/2 cm dilated and 40% effaced. My doctor scheduled an induction for Tuesday the 28th. I felt so normal that I was sure I would still be pregnant at that point. I was almost convinced that I would just be pregnant forever!

When JD got home we decided to walk to a near-by restaurant, The Great Dane, for dinner. I had a chicken salad sandwich and veggies and dip. We talked about possibly attending a friend's party. When we got home I suggested we play some cards. We got out a deck and began a game of rummy. About 10 minutes (about 7:30) into the game I slightly moved in the chair where I was sitting and felt some fluid leak out. I immediately went to the bathroom and peed a little, but I didn't feel the urge to go so I didn't think that I had peed my pants. I came out and explained the situation to JD. He just sat there with his cards in his hands and stared at me! He was like-- "Well, which is it??" I tried explaining to him that I've never gone through this before so I had no idea what was supposed to happen! We decided I should call our hospital's nurse hotline. Since we don't have good cell service in our apartment, I walked outside to call while JD did a few chores we wanted done before leaving for the hospital. He joined me outside and we went for a short walk while I talked to the nurse. She suggested we go to the hospital and they would check the fluid to see if my water had broken.

We started packing a few more items in our bags and the small leak turned into a succession of big gushes of fluid. At this point it was obvious what was happening. I changed my pants, which was useless because I just ruined the new ones as soon as I put them on! We headed out (a little after 8:00) and called our parents on the way. Because I was overdue, they all had their bags packed and said they may hit the road right away or may wait until I was admitted. Turns out they could have waited even longer than that...but that's a story for another day :)

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Miranda said...

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