Monday, August 20, 2012


 I don't have a particular form for this post, so you're getting a snazzy little list of things going on in my life right now.

+ I love this.

+ On Friday I made this Yogurt Coffee Cake, recipe via Pinterest.
Yogurt Coffee Cake
{Not my beautiful picture...I don't have an awesome round pan.}

The cake and cinnamon streusel turned out really well. The icing not so much. Allow me to explain.

The first revision I made all-purpose flour instead of cake flour. I'm not sure what the difference is...maybe it would've been fluffier? Anyway, the texture is fine with me.

It turns out I only had 1 tsp of vanilla extract, so the cake had less vanilla and the icing didn't have any. Again, this was not a big deal.

As I said, I don't have a  round pan so I used a normal 9x13 baking pan and I put all the batter in and then topped it with the streusel, instead of putting some in the middle as shown above.

Then came the big mistake. I made the icing and taste-tested a piece before dinner, as did my husband. I thought it was great, but he mentioned that he didn't like the icing. I didn't take an offense to this because JD isn't a fan of things that are too sweet. I just figured it was his normal reaction to icing. Then, later, as I'm lying in bed trying to fell asleep, it hits me-- SOUR CREAM. That's right people, I used sour cream instead of cream cheese in the icing. I got out of bed and explained this to JD, who really didn't seem to care. He probably wouldn't have liked the icing anyway. Still. I feel ridiculous. 

The cream mix-up is not stopping me from eating the cake, though. At 40 weeks pregnant, I'm eating EVERYTHING. Here's what my version turned out looking like:

I definitely recommend this recipe :)

+ JD and I have been going on walks every day in hopes that Paxton will be lured out of his cozy little home.  
So far, not so good. But we did see this on Friday evening

The sky looks dark, but the weather was actually nice. It wasn't raining on us...must have been a few miles away though.

+ Later on Friday we headed to Barnes and Noble for some yummy drinks and good reads.

I've thoroughly enjoyed all Emily Giffin's books. I read this one in less than a week and have the next one on hold at the library.

+ I've mentioned before how we have a leak in our apartment.  
We've now had maintenance workers over FIVE times and it's still not fixed. The most recent time, the man said he couldn't see any signs of dripping.
I just put these containers on the floor and fill them with water to make it seem like my ceiling is leaking?? I'm not a crazy person creating problems that aren't there. It happens when we shower, so it's not like it's constant. But it's still causing us to have to step around this obstacle (annoying) and there has to be water damage somewhere up there that will eventually cause bigger problems. After the last worker made me feel crazy, I've decided to stop calling the apartment office to report the problem. I'm sick of sitting around all day for them to knock on our door only to not make any progress. My current plan is to duct tape those containers to the ceiling and empty them occasionally. 

+ I'm STILL pregnant. 
{No picture today...I look the same as here, plus 3 more lbs.)
Due date is TODAY.  We have our 40 week appointment this afternoon so we'll see if I've made any more progress. (1/2 cm dilated and 40% effaced as of last week.) We'll also be scheduling an induction for some time in the next week. I'm hoping to have this baby ASAP because I'm gaining weight with every day he stays in there and my feet and ankles are swollen all.the.time. I would like to go into labor on my own, but, as all pregnant ladies know, I have zero control over this and things rarely go as planned with delivery!

+ I want these outfits:
Cute and simple
Bright maxi.

 go buckeyes!
O-H....I-O! Go Bucks :)


Happy Monday, all!


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Allison said...

Fun post! Good luck at the doctor's office!! What an exciting time :)

Mary said...

Oh wow you're so close! I'll write that post and send it to you very soon!

eliz said...

Heart of the matter wasn't my favorite..but I really want to read her newest one!