Tuesday, August 7, 2012

product question + bumpdate!

Hey readers,
Do any of you have an iPhone wallet?

Flip Wallet Card Leather Case for iPhone 4 iPhone4 Black Color - Unique Style - Multifunctional Case - Premium Quality - Inside Surface Is Emerized Scratch Proof to Protect Your Iphone
JD has mentioned that he would like one and his birthday is coming up. I found this one on Amazon (click the picture to visit the link). So my questions for you are...

What brand is yours/Where did you get it?
Was it worth the price? I'd be willing to pay more than this one costs in order to get a good product.
Do you like it? Some reviews I've read say that the phone falls out easily-- that doesn't sound good! Can you fit cards in it easily?


How big is baby? At our 37 week checkup, the doctor estimated 6lbs...so he's a little over that now. Of course, that's just a guess from him poking around my belly! Thebump.com says ..."the size of a pumpkin. Baby is about 18.9 to 20.9 inches long and weighs about 6.2 to 9.2 pounds."

Total weight gain/loss? 40 lbs. blahhhh.

Maternity clothes?
All the time. Plus yoga pants and maxi dresses.

Stretch marks? Still only a few on my chest.

Sleep? Waking up every hour and a half to pee. Getting hip pain from only sleeping on my sides.

Best moment this week? We've officially made our last pre-delivery purchase! The only other thing we could possibly need is a play mat/gym...but we're sick of Babies R Us and figure Paxton can lay on a blanket while we dangle toys over him. Same concept.

Movement? Slowing down a little bit as he runs out of room in there!

Food cravings? Anything and everything I can get my hands on. I'm trying to keep myself constantly busy so I don't snack ALL THE TIME.

Gender? BOY!

Labor Signs? A few Braxton Hicks contractions (I think.) Only a couple times per day...nothing too painful or regular.

Belly Button in or out? Flat.

Wedding rings on or off? Off-- on a chain around my neck.

What I miss? Visiting the bathroom a normal amount per day. Comfortable sleep positions.

What I am looking forward to? Getting back into my old clothes. I know I won't get there right away...but I love fall fashion and my jeans are calling my name!!

Weekly Wisdom? Not much to share...I'm in the waiting period now. We're as prepared as we we're going to be. I'd say my advice would be to stay calm and know that baby will come when he/she is ready!

Milestones? I consider this more of a setback, but I officially outgrew a pair of MATERNITY pants :( I bought a pair of black capris about 3-4 months ago and haven't attempted to wear them in about a month because I have been too lazy to iron them haven't had the need to be dressed in casual work clothes. Anyway, I went to put them on yesterday and it was a major fail.


Erin said...

I feel like I haven't stopped in for awhile, but wanted to say HI! I think you look great :) How exciting that little man will be here SOON!

MandeeFoFandee said...

woohoo for a bumpdate! also, I definitely LOL'd at your maternity pants debacle. I was looking at my old bump pics and laughing at how long my maternity tops looked at 19 weeks, and now they barely cover the bump!

hang in there mama! only a couple more weeks to go! :D

Katie said...

my drill team coach in high school had one of those iPhone wallets but her's looks a lot different. It opened like a book and had a little thing so she could carry it o her wrist. It was pink and so cute. She loves it. If I wasn't afraid of losing my phone and then my identity all together I would have bought one.

And congratulations! I'm sure you're getting anxious to meet your baby!