Thursday, August 2, 2012

it's thursday, let's rationalize our poor decisions.

 Its Ok Thursdays

 {It's okay....}

.....that I spent about 2 hours last night (while multi-tasking and watching the Olympics) re-organizing my Pinterest boards. I simply could not put up with having all types of food in one place. I now can go straight to dinners that contain meat, dinners that don't contain meat, desserts, breakfasts, or appetizers/soups/&sides. So much better.

.....that I've {almost} given up on shaving my legs for the rest of my pregnancy. I have not been able to easily reach all the way to my feet for awhile now and the thought of slipping in the shower does not sound good. For my husband's sake {and wanting to look semi-decent while giving birth} I try for twice a week.

.....that my attempt to make my own flavored lattes and mochas as to not spend all our money on Starbucks will probably be a failure after only 2 days. My concoctions just don't taste as delicious. Tips??

....that I'm shamelessly plugging my 100 FOLLOWERS GIVEAWAY :) A $20 Target Prize Pack could be YOURS!

.....that JD and I don't own a kitchen/dining room table and we eat all our meals on the couch. We're totally ready to start a family, right?

.....that I just printed off pictures from my cousin's wedding last September. Facebook makes me lazy because I can post pictures without ever actually having hard copies.

.....that I still use my maiden name for several things because I'm too lazy to change it. All the important stuff is covered...but little things like my library card, user IDs for websites, and car insurance {oops, that might be a big one...} still reference my previous self.

....that I have a Bumpdate for you this week, but no picture. Just take a look back at this one. I don't look much different. Although, I still walk around thinking I'm "not that big" and then catch myself in a mirror and am shocked at how I look to those around me! ha!

{Bumpdate: 37 weeks, 3 days}
How big is baby? says "He likely measures around 18.9 to 20.9 inches and weighs about 6.2 to 9.2 pounds. He's gaining about 1/2 ounce each day." At our most recent appointment (Monday) our doctor estimated 6 lbs.

Total weight gain/loss? 40 lbs. Boooooo.

Maternity clothes?
Except for yoga pants and maxi dresses, all the time.

Stretch marks? Still only a few on my chest.

Sleep? Up every 1.5-2 hours to pee. Hips hurt from sleeping only on my sides. But no real problems.

Best moment this week? Hearing from our doctor that baby is officially FULL TERM! For all you non-moms out there, 40 weeks is actually 10 months. (Yep- do the math.) Babies' lungs are developed at 37 weeks so our little bundle of joy would not be considered premature if he came today! And we can start those natural labor inducing old wives' tales that people talk about-- if we want. I'm excited to meet our little boy, but I'm not going to rush him.

Movement? He's either very still or kicking the crap out of me.

Food cravings? Still sugar. Anything with sugar. I've also enjoyed yogurt lately.

Gender? BOY!

Labor Signs? I've had a few cramp-like feelings, but I honestly don't know if those are Braxton Hicks (some say they feel like menstrual cramps) or if they're just indigestion/there's-no-more-room-in-my-body-for-this-baby feelings.

Belly Button in or out? Flat.

Wedding rings on or off? Off-- on a chain around my neck.

What I miss? This week I've really missed deli sandwiches and sleeping on my back.

What I am looking forward to? THE day. I'm so anxious!

Weekly Wisdom? I still don't feel like I have that much advice to offer. I have been asked by several people if I'm sick of being pregnant yet. My answer is always a big fat NO! I realize I've had it pretty easy compared to some women (no gestational diabetes, no heartburn, no extreme swelling, no major back/joint pain, etc.) but I still don't feel like myself. However, I'm trying to really appreciate these days because they are limited! I've gotten so used to sharing my body with my son and this mommy-and-me time isn't going to last forever. My husband is not jealous AT ALL that I'm the one carrying him, which is fine with me...because even though I've had to sacrifice a few things-- this is such a precious time in my life. To wrap it up (sorry for the ramble), my advice would be to be thankful for your pregnancy and try not to complain during these final weeks.

Milestones? Being full term!



Erin said...

Woohoo for full-term!! So exciting :) Sending good vibes and an easy delivery wish your way!

I am trying to clean up all my Pinterest boards too- I finally got all my sweets/snacks into their own board instead of a dinner board, WHEW!

JKT said...

Totally okay to eat at the couch...even though I have a table I'm always eating at the couch :)

My favorite thing for making lattes/mochas at home is a good creamer. I like Caramel Macchiatos and there is an International Coffee House Delights creamer- Caramel Macchiato that, I think, tastes just like it. It may be because I use a lot of it but it's so yummy :) They have a bunch of good flavors!

Yay for full term!