Thursday, August 16, 2012

{it's OK thursday}


It's OK....

...that I lied to the maintenance man when he asked if I enjoyed living here. I know he was just asking as part of friendly small talk. Sort of like when people ask "How are you today?" You're supposed to say "Good" {or "Well" if you're all up on the correct grammar}, not go on a rant about how awful your day is. The person really doesn't care.

...that I'm not following the recipe or freezing instructions for the Lasagna Roll-Ups I'm making. Well, maybe it won't be okay, but I don't have all the ingredients/materials on hand, so I'm improvising. For all you awesome cooks out there-- Are my roll-ups going to suffer in the freezer because I'm using a foil baking pan with a plastic lid (see below) instead of wrapping them individually in layers of foil or a freezer bag?

{pic via Google images}

...that I've gained almost 50 lbs with this pregnancy. Baby and I are healthy and that's all that matters. But hopefully he'll make his entrance soon so I can start shedding this weight!

...that I'm sad about this being the last season of Teen Mom. I realize it's trash TV and I'm too old for it...but I love Bentley!

{pic via Google images}

...that I'm conflicted about who to root for in tonight's preseason game. I've stuck by the Browns because they're my home state team even though they almost always stink. BUT I went to high school with this Packer's player 
Tom Crabtree, #83
{pic via Google images}
and I currently live in Wisconsin. I guess this means I'll be okay with whoever wins.

...that I pinned these cool ideas on my "I Create" Pinterest board, even though I'll probably never actually create them.

Glue peppermint candies around a white candle. You can change up the candy for any holiday.

Sharpie dishes tutorial

 canvas + wood letters, then paint the whole thing. love this


1/2 Your fingerprint, 1/2 his-- Salt Dough - 2 cups Flour, 1 cup salt, Cold water. Mix until has consistency of play dough. Bake at 250 for 2 hours then cool and paint….Good recipe for thumbprint pendants and super cute.(:

...that my husband watches One Tree Hill with me on Netflix. I'm saying this is okay for him because I love that he loves it! So funny to watch him get caught up in the drama.

What are you saying "It's Ok!" to today?



Kathleen said...

You will NEVER be to old to watch reality TV!! Trust me!

Kathleen said...

Can't wait to see the baby of yours too!!!

Amanda @ everyday b and b said...

I have been rewatching One Tree Hill on netflix and I love it! I cried at the series finale this past may. I'm thinking my cry fest was half pregnancy hormone induced though!

bestie said...

umm, LOVE your create board and would like to think that i would try a few of these ideas....

last day to enter my giveaway:

Emily Meyers said...

Hey Lady! I just came across your cute blog via the hop and I'm so happy to be your newest follower! Also I'd love to invite you to a fabulous triple giveaway I'm having right now!

Hope to see you there, and thanks so much!