Thursday, August 9, 2012

[it's OK & a checklist]

First, thanks for the nice comments on this post. Although I'm glad I'm not the only one who has gotten that question, I'm sorry some of you have had to hear it, too! 

Second, thanks for those of you interested in being in the Follower Spotlight. I'll be contacting you shortly :) 
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Its Ok Thursdays
It's OK...
...that I'm totally addicted to this creamer.
International Delight Presents: Almond Joy<sup>™</sup>

...that I won't be mailing out my giveaway prize until tomorrow-- it's coming, I promise!

...that I'm actually getting tired of the Olympics. (gasp!) The fact that NBC felt the need to teach me about longitude (it could have been latitude...I stopped paying attention) instead of showing events really irritated me. And the same commercials over and over and over again are making me CRAY. Yes, crazy enough to use the word "cray". That's pretty crazy.
...that I constantly tell JD we need to eat better and then I make boxed mac-n-cheese for dinner.

...that showering has become a form of exercise. It's really the baby's fault. I can no longer wash the lower half of my body with ease.

...that my hospital bag is not packed and my due date is in 11 days (aka, any time now). Below is a list of things I'm planning on taking, but they are not by any means ready to go.
...that our shower pipes are STILL (after 2 failed attempts to fix them) leaking and dripping down into our dining room. No, actually this is NOT okay. Our apartment complex to get on top of this ASAP.


I sifted through several checklists from the internet, handouts from our hospital, and books to come up with a list of things to take to the hospital on the big day. Then, after more research (and whining from JD), I've condensed it. Changes/details are in red. 

___ socks (if outfits don’t have feet)
___ hats <-- Only one for going home day. Our hospital will provide some on other days.
___ scratch mittens 
 ___ receiving blankets
___ 2 different pacifiers <-- I have heard this is important in case baby doesn't like one, but accepts the other. Our hospital also has some on hand. I will probably take ours just to test them out.
___ ~3 outfits/sleepers <-- A nurse recommended to outfit baby in hospital clothes until discharge so we don't go home with a bunch of dirty laundry. Sounds good to me, so this got crossed off the list.
___ going home outfit (warm, with feet and legs so baby fits in car seat)
___ nail clippers <-- I have heard conflicting things about this...Some say baby won't need his nails clipped in the first couple days, others say he will but the hospital provides them, and others say he will but the hospital doesn't. We'll throw in ours just in case.
___ Vaseline and/or butt paste <-- Crossing this off the list and using the products the hospital provides.
___ nasal aspirator <-- A nurse told us the aspirator at the hospital is better than what is sold in stores and we can take it home with us. Great!
___ multiple size diapers (newborns and 1’s) <-- We are totally going to take advantage of free stuff from the hospital so we won't be taking any of our own diapers.

___ flip flops
___ socks (warm, with traction) 
___ nursing bra/tank
___ breast pads and lanolin cream <-- Will use what the hospital provides but stick mine in just in case.
___ underwear <-- Although I don't think I'll have any problem wearing the mesh undies the hospital provides, I'm still going to throw in a couple old pairs of my own.
___ maxi pads <-- Going to use what the hospital provides.
___ breastfeeding pillow
___ breast pump <-- Not planning on using while I'm there, but I'm hoping a lactation consultant can answer some questions I have about it.
___ robe
___ going home outfit
___ after delivery outfits (2) <-- These are going to include yoga pants, a maxi dress, a light sweater that buttons up the front, and a t-shirt.
___ plastic bag for dirty clothes
___ hand sanitizer <-- Provided in hospital room.
___ gum
___ chapstick
___ headbands/ponytail holders/bobby pins
___ toothbrush
___ toothpaste (travel size)
___ shampoo/conditioner (travel sizes)
___ lotion (travel size)
___ tissues <-- Assuming these will be provided..if not, I don't mind using toilet paper :)
 ___ pocket mirror <-- To do/check my make up in bed.
 ___ hairbrush/comb
___ make-up <-- All I wear is foundation, powder, eyeliner, & mascara. Easy peasy.
___ Turbie Twist hair towel
 ___ camera and charger
___ cell phone and charger
___ snacks <-- Or quarters for vending. And there's always the option of the hospital cafes. And this is mainly for JD in case he has to wait awhile :)
___ baby memory book/journal <-- To write down things that I may forget later. And for footprints.
 ___ water bottle
___ insurance information
___ 2 outfits for dad 

Will I actually need all this stuff? Probably not. Will I need something I don't take with me? Probably. 

Do you moms have any packing advice? I'm all ears!

Oh well! We live close to the hospital so having JD go back for something will be no problem. And he could really go back to shower and sleep at home if he wants...but I'm fairly certain he'll want to stay there with me and baby (....maybe, ha!). 




eliz said...

Wow that is a long list...I am going to remember it for future reference.

what do you follower spotlight have to blog about? I'd like to do it...I have never done a guest post before

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Samantha said...

I think I need to try that coffee creamer... It's officially on my grocery list now!