Thursday, August 23, 2012

if you really knew us...

I'm jumping on this bandwagon rather late, but thought it would be fun to share some random facts about JD and myself to introduce us to any new followers out there :) Check out the About page for some additional info (even if you've been following for awhile-- I changed it up a bit!).

  If you really knew us you would know....

{SARAH} cat is my soul mate.
 Mr. Bert.

....I get nervous leaving comments on blogs. I don't want to say anything stupid!

....I write up a monthly expenses "report" each month for our household, but don't do any sort of planning or prep to spend less next month. Besides complaining about how much we spend. fingernail polish is always chipped. I've learned to accept the "grunge" look.

....I have not seen SEVERAL movies which most people would consider classics. (Mighty Ducks, Monty Python, any of the Batman movies, any of the Star Wars movies, ...ETC.)

....I have no desire to see said movies.

....I lived with 5 guys in college.
Roomies (minus one): Senior Year Halloween

....I was in a sorority. {theta nu}
 {I'm at the bottom left.}
....nobody calls him JD. It's his special blog name, thanks to me.

....he has a new-found interest in comic books.

....he's lazy and he admits it.

....he watches Grey's Anatomy and enjoys it.

....his dream job is to be a novelist. 

....he went to 3 different high schools {but was not part of a military family}.

....he used to work at Toys "R" Us and around Christmastime was a very Angry Elf.

...does not like getting his picture taken. Hence this face.

 ...loves to make me laugh. Usually by dancing ridiculously.
{Although in this picture they may have been being serious...}

...judges me for not having seen movies listed above.

 ...were both awkward looking in middle school.
 {7th grade. I could have used some layers. That box-y hair look was not the greatest.}

...but were the cutest as little kids! 
{Preschool. We both look unsure about this picture being taken.}

 ...met in college.

  ...were both college athletes. 
 {freshman year}

...had both quit playing our respective sports by senior year.

....enjoy mall walking like old people. Criminal Minds.
 {pic via Google images}

There ya go, readers! A little insight into the Buckeyes in Badgerland :)



Amanda @ everyday b and b said...

I'm going to guess that you're still very pregnant? tell that baby to hurry up and make it's appearance!

Mary said...

Soooo cute!

Erin said...

That was fun, I'm glad you did this, I feel like we are better friends now ;) You should totally comment more-- I just spill my guts out here! HAHA

eliz said...

hahah yes another person who hasn't seen classic movies (I did see batman though)..I never seen harry potter or twilight or any movies really in general hahah

Awww and I love sorority/fraternity life :-)

JKT said...

This post is great...I loved 'getting to know' y'all!! You should definitely comment least one my blog- I'll never think you sound stupid! No way!!

I've also pretty much ALWAYS got the chipped nail polish look going on and there are so many 'classics' that I haven't seen.

Loving the post, friend!