Wednesday, August 29, 2012

follower spotlight: {megan}

 {Since I'll be out for awhile obsessing over my new angel, I've set up guest posts for you all so you can meet some of my awesome followers! These are NOT sponsors, just bloggers I truly love.}


Megan is a blogger that I sort of know IRL. She'll explain below :) Check out her blog and give her some comment love!

Hello everyone!
I'm Megan and I blog over at It's Good to be Queen.
Today I'm filling in for Sarah because that means she's had Paxton! 
Woo hoo! 
Congrats Sarah and JD :) 
I'd like to tell you a little bit about the beauty of blogging.
I started my blog for no real reason other than I wanted to. 
I knew it'd be a challenge because I am not a writer, but it seemed fun so I did it.
It started (and remains) a blog of random ramblings. 
Lots of quotes, music, experiences, fashion and links up to be found :)
However, it's grown into much more than that. 
It's been a constant challenge for me to improve my writing (which still isn't very good).
It's been a way for me to learn, and create. 
It's been a way for me to document our lives together (the hubs & I that is).
More importantly, it's been a way for me to meet some really awesome people.
Can I tell ya something?
It's a small world out there! 
I'm sure you've all had those moments, and met those people that make you say the same thing right?
Case and point? 
Me and Ms. Sarah here. 
One day I was on my good ole blog writing a post, a link up to be exact. I publish, link up, and start looking through some of the other bloggers who have linked up, it's something I try to do to expand my bloggy world.
I'm looking and I notice this girl (it's Sarah), and I think, "Hmmm...she looks familiar...but how?" 
Then the title got me to actually say, "Oh, maybe I do know her...she's from the cbus area!". 
So I click on the picture, get to reading and realize this girl (Sarah) went to college with me! 
She was greek, just like me, so then of course I realize shoot I've probably seen her a bazillion times!
Although, we'd never been truly introduced I felt like I semi knew her already.
My curiosity even further peaked because I actually know this person went on. 
As I poked around her blog more I found out that we share the exact same wedding date. 
How crazy is that?!
Without the blogging I would have never found Sarah, gotten to know her more than I ever did in college, and realized that 10-01-11 is one bomb a** wedding date :)
Blogging as definitely proved one thing for me.
It's a small world after all.

Stop by sometime, I'd love to have you. 
Have a happy day!

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