Friday, August 10, 2012

FF: Plaid?

 august 10th - gingham gorg


I've got a fashion confession to make. I had no idea what gingham was. I believed gingham was a fancy word for plaid. However, gingham is a color + white in an even square overlay pattern and plaid is 2 or more colors in a not-always-even square pattern. Examples:

{plaid}                                           {gingham}


I seriously did not know this. Maybe some of you didn't you're welcome. Now that I've officially embarrassed myself in front of all you snazzy fashion bloggers out there, here are the deets of my outfit choice this week.

{shirt} Long Sleeve Gingham Button-Front Shirt, $45 $15 -

Love this color. 

{sweatshirt} Dakota Zip Thru Hoody, $66  -

Also love this color. Great for fall. 

{jeans} Miss Me Thick Stitch Boot Stretch Jean, $99 $80 -

I'm so incredibly excited to wear jeans again. Cooler weather + baby weight loss= Getting to put on the best pants ever. I LOVE JEANS.

{shoes} Toms Olive Classic Canvass Slip On, $55  -

I don't own a pair of TOMS, but if I did I would get these gray ones. They would go with everything!

{bag} You Make Me Happy When Skies Are Gray - Canvas Tote Bag - Classic Shop...$35 -

Super cute! And only $35 on Etsy?! Score.

{nail polish} NARS Trouville Nail Polish for Summer 2012 Swatches Review,

Feminine color that isn't too matchy-matchy with the outfit.

{necklace} River Island Pink Enamel Bow Necklace, $6.26 -

Cute bow!

{hairstyle} fishtail braid

I'm ready for my hair to be long again so I can do this!

{coffee} Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte 

Yuuuuuuum :) Starbucks is obviously the best, but I'm going to try this homemade version soon. 





Samantha said...

Haha this made me laugh because I didn't know the difference between plaid and gingham either! Thanks for clarifying!! :)

Amanda @ everyday b and b said...

I also did not know the difference, but now I've learned something new today :) happy friday!

Erin said...

lol, I never knew the difference either!!! You are NOT alone :)

Jamie said...

I guess I didnt know the difference either! I never really gave it that much thought:) New follower.

Chelsea said...

Aw! You're a WI girl! I went to school in WI for a couple years in La Crosse at Viterbo University. Where abouts in WI do you live? We're actually planning a Twin Cities blogger meet up for September 9th, so if you're somewhat close we'd be so happy to have you there!

Kimberly Cotter said...

Hehehe, thanks for the lesson in gingham & plaid! I don't think I new the difference either. But I DO love the color choices for your example swatches. :)

Stay strong, Fellow Buckeye, up there in Badgerland! :)

Hois melden said...

Wow your dress is amazing! where did you get it from! Care to share? Thanks

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