Friday, August 3, 2012

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august 3rd - tshirt time

 t-shirt time

Sweater: Collection cashmere boyfriend cardigan, $238 -
T-shirt: Maison Scotch T-shirt, White Special Burn Out Scoop Neck T-Shirt, $70 -
Scarf: Innocence Pure Summer Scarf in Grey, $33 -
Pants: JOE'S JEANS THE SKINNY JEAN, $165 (€132) -
Boots: RALPH LAUREN knee high biker boot, $1,185 $590 (£379) -
Hat: NIXON Echoes Beanie putty, $31 (€25) -
Earrings: Panacea Textured Large Pear-Shape Earrings, $24 -
Nail polish (left): Sinful Colors Professional Nail Polish Nail Lacquer Open Seas 5164,
Nail polish (right):  catbird :: Boom Boom Pow Nail Polish,

I almost had 2 posts in 1 day yesterday. So close to being an over achiever. The Olympics and a nice evening walk with the husband got in the way. Sorry, peeps. Anyway, here are some "current" details about me. The link-up was yesterday, but better late than never right?

{current book}
 The Tall Book: A Celebration of Life from on High
The Tall Book by Arianne Cohen. As I was browsing the non-fiction section of the library, this caught my eye because I am considered tall by most standards. I'm not a giant, but I get tall comments on a regular basis. At 5'10" I felt this book calling my name. So far it's just a bunch of stats about tall people-- Did ya'll know we are smarter, live longer lives, and make more money? :-P But I'm actually bored with all the numbers and just want to skip to the sections about the world's tallest people.
{current playlist}
Pandora is set to my Brown Eyed Girl radio which plays some great oldies.
{current colors}
Since I like to get my money's worth, I buy fake nails in a box. Yanno...these things:
(picture via Google images)
I wear them until they fall off and then apply more glue. When I get bored with the French tips, I apply nail polish to them and again wear until they fall off and apply more glue. I only give up on them when they really start looking cracked around the edges and worn down...and when I think my nails are being seriously damaged by the adhesive. Anyway, right now I have a dark purple color on them, but they're nearing that crappy phase so I won't take the time to snap a picture.
{current food/drink}
Water, water, water! I'm trying to stay as hydrated as possible. My favorite snack are these babies.
(picture via Google images)
They really do taste like Ice Cream Sandwiches and they keep me from eating ice cream. I assume they're not as bad for me. I haven't actually done the research to confirm this.
{current favorite shows}
The Olympics, of course! JD and I are loving gymnastics, beach volleyball and swimming. During the day I occasionally catch some indoor volleyball, rowing, and cycling.
{current needs}
This Groupon:
$5 for a yearly subscription to Marie Claire, Bazaar, Elle, or Seventeen. $8 for Cosmo.
{current banes of my existence}
Always being hungry and then getting little to no physical activity due to the heat. This equals weight gain and I've gained enough.
{current celebrity crush}
These Olympians are nice to look at...
Ryan Lochte, swimming
 (picture via Google images)

Peter Varellas 
Peter Varellas, water polo
(picture via
 Sam Mikulak, gymnastics
(pic via Google images)

{current #1 blessing}
Air conditioning. Although I haven't noticed being significantly warmer than those around me (like many people said I would being pregnant and all), it's been a hot summer and I am blessed to be able to stay indoors where it's cool.
{current indulgence}
I haven't had Starbucks in about a week (if you read yesterday's post...I was able to keep away from it for another day...we'll see how this weekend goes), but usually my answer is overpriced coffee.
{current outfit}
I'm wearing this dress:
 But this was 23 weeks and I'm now almost 38 I'm filling it out a bit more ;-)
{current excitement}
The weekend of course! Yes, I'm not working right now {The top 3 reasons for being a teacher are June, July and August :) } but I still get excited to hang out with JD for 2 days.
{current mood}
I hate to say bored because I know there is something I could be getting done...but it's true. My spirits were also just uplifted a bit because a cardinal landed in a tree outside my window. Cardinals are my favorite bird and they make me smile every time I see one. The Cardinal is Ohio's state bird and the mascot of my college alma mater.
{current favorite quote/verse}

love it!

 (all pictures via Pinterest)

{current wishlist item}
 A vacation. Or even a weekend getaway. Obviously with my due date looming neither of these is realistic!
{current favorite product}
My Turbie Twist! I use it every time I wash my hair because it's so much easier than putting a heavy towel on my head. Love it!
(picture via Google images)

 Have a wonderful weekend!


Amanda @ everyday b and b said...

that dress is super cute!

Libby said...

Aw..Love the dress!!!
I own about 7 of the hair towels. They're my absolute favorite! :)

Emily said...

love this outfit!! and the nail color combination is perfection ;) happy weekend!

Emily Anne Pride said...

Love the Ralph Lauren boots!

Mia @ The Chronicles of Chaos said...

Adorable dress! :) I had a hard time staying away from Starbucks while I was pregnant too. I'm a serious caffeine junkie.

And thank you for the Olympic eye candy! ;)


Libby said...

Hi Sarah! I nominated you for the Liebster Award!!! Be sure to stop by and read my Liebster Award post from today! xo