Friday, August 24, 2012

car clothes // letters

Dear Parking Lot Paving People- I dislike the horrible smell that's permeating my apartment, but thanks for your hard work to make our lot look all nice and spiffy. And for taking a lunch break right when I wanted to go out for Starbucks.

Dear Starbucks lady- Thanks for being understanding when I had to change my order after you already made it. Even after 9 months of drinking decaf, I still don't get it right every time.

Dear Body- Labor will be induced on Tuesday whether you like it or not. So why don't you go ahead and get the process started on your own?

Dear Weekend- You are the last of your kind with only JD and me. Let's conjure up something fun to celebrate us as a couple and our new arrival.

Dear Twitter followers- I apologize for only tweeting about giveaways. Nothing all that exciting is happening around here. I'll try to share interesting tweets more often.

Dear Library- I love your books on hold system. However, you are just too fast at having them ready for me. I need to read faster to keep up with you.

Dear Greek- I recently remembered and started missing you! You were such a great show!

Dear DISH Network- Let's stop skipping/pausing/getting stuck during my shows! You are extremely frustrating.

Dear all you Back-To-Schoolers- Enjoy this time of year for me. I'm missing my classroom and co-workers already. This one year leave of absence will be easier once my baby boy is here, but right now I'm bored and want to be decorating and planning!

Dear Orange Leaf- My first 2 experiences (in 1 week) with fro yo were ah-may-zing. Keep up the good work. But don't open up a store on my side of town or this baby weight will never come off.

Dear Self- 2 trips for fro yo and no pictures? What kind of blogger/instagrammer are you?? Step it up.

  august 24th - road trip

This week's Friday's Fancies is all about hitting the open road. For the past 2 years, JD and I have traveled from WI to OH for all the major holidays and occasionally just for a nice visit with family. Here's what I enjoy wearing for 10+ hours in the car....

road trip

{1} Yoga Pants. Seriously, best invention ever.
{2} Comfy shirt. When I'm driving (ok...sleeping. JD drives.), I want to be comfortable and only slightly fashionable. Hence the dino and Spongebob sweatshirts. And JD would love me forever if I wore that Batman t-shirt. (Well, I'm hoping he'll love me forever anyway...but chances are higher if I'm wearing that shirt.)
{3} Headband. This is a necessity because my hair gets crazy wacky with the windows down, sleeping, and crazy car dancing/singing.
{4} Sunglasses. Self explanatory. Unless you're road tripping during the no-sunlight times in the far north. In which case you need to re-evaluate your vacation choices.
{5} Chapstick. Again with the windows down and crazy car dancing.
{6} iPhone. Entertainment apps such as Pandora and License Plate games. Also maps. Good to have.
{7} A large tote bag to hold all your shizz. The one I chose is sure to announce my feline obsession to complete strangers. Good.
{8} Starbucks. Again, self explanatory.
{9} Moccasins. I used these exact shoes in this fashion post and I do not care if a footwear repeat is a fashion faux pas. These shoes are the because they're warm like slippers but have soles so it's sort of acceptable to wear them outdoors and in public places.

My choices are all assuming you aren't stopping at nice places to eat or sight see. It's a road trip, people. Waffle House and the World's Largest Ball of Twine should be the types of things on your itinerary.

Here's to hoping you all have an awesome-possum weekend!

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Caitlin C. said...

Yoga pants really ARE the best invention ever!! Perfect for a comfy road trip. I love that you included Starbucks in this as well.. totally necessary :)

Nicole said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who brought along some Starbucks for the roadtrip!

Aarean Jergensen said...

at least I'm not the only one who tweets a ton about giveaway! haha speaking of which I must say I'm doin' a pretty fantastic camera bag giveaway you might wanna check out :-) Your twitter followers will love ya for it?! lol

Clare Whitaker said...

I always enjoy checking out your blog, so many fun things today!! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Twirling Clare

siddathornton said...

i loved watching 'greek' too! also: love the wild love hoodie!

- lauren

Mikelle Jade {The Honeypie Archives} said...

good luck with Tuesday! How exciting :)

and sorry to hear about your parking lot, dish, and missing your classroom :(