Tuesday, July 31, 2012

my dream home, according to pinterest

Pinterest allows me to dream about the home I'd like to build someday. I love watching House Hunters to see what's out there in different price ranges and in different parts of the country. In the beginning of the show, the buyers always share their "wish lists". Usually, they have to make compromises as the process goes along. With no budget constraints, these are some things I'd love to have in my future house:

*Hardwood floors in the entry and kitchen.

*Stainless steel appliances. Who doesn't want these??

*Walk-in closets in bedrooms.

*On-suite Master bath with double sinks.

*Open kitchen with an island and plenty of counter space.



*Front porch.

In addition to these "must-haves" (aka "things I know I'll have to give up when actually searching for a home"), these other features are high up on my never-gonna-happen-but-would-be-awesome list:
Pinned Image
 HUGE "disguised" refrigerator.

Pinned Image
2 shower heads. Necessary.

Pinned Image
Laundry room island to fold on with shelves to sort.

Pinned Image
TV "pit". Love the beams on the ceiling, too.

Pinned Image
Walkway under the stairs.


Pinned Image
Storage under the stairs.

Pinned Image 
Bookcase door.

 Pinned Image
Breakfast nook. I would do away with the single pillows and have an attached pad.

Pinned Image
Bathtub + Fireplace = Ultimate relaxation. And I love the separate sinks on each side.

Pinned Image
Floor to ceiling bookcases. Also love the chairs. 

All images found via Pinterest :) 

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Alyx said...

Ummm can i have your dream home too, please? Thanks.

JKT said...

Um, can I come over and just admire your house sometime?! Seriously love all your inspirations....that shower looks AMAZING!

Katie said...

I feel like Pinterest creates unrealistic expectations. It makes me feel like when I re-do my bedroom it will magically turn into that pillow pit movie room...it won't haha Oh Pinterest.

Mary said...

I want your dream home!