Friday, July 13, 2012

letters + fashion {It's Friday!}

I've never written Friday's letter's before...let's hope I do this correctly. Although, is there really a "correct" way to write 1-2 sentence letters to inanimate objects/people who will never read this? I think not. So let's get started.

Dear The Hills,
I absolutely love watching you every weekday morning. You make waking up such a positive experience.

Dear DVR,
What's the point of being able to record something in order to watch something else if you can't watch something else while something is recoding?!?! (Confusing? Sorry.)

Dear Bert,
When will you get used to this new apartment and stop walking around all paranoid? You make me nervous when you jump at every little sound. I want us all to be happy and comfortable in our new home.

Dear students,
I am more than surprised to say 'I miss you'. Yes, that's right. I spent the school year living for the bell and the weekend. Now I sit at home and want some of your naive, immature comments back.

Dear tiniest ants I have ever seen,
Get out of our apartment!!! The cat food is more than 5,000 times your size. One piece will last you a lifetime. So get 1 million of your friends to carry it away and leave us alone.

Dear Paxton,
I am very excited to meet you-- ~5 weeks to go! Your nursery is coming along nicely. And my bladder will appreciate the extra space when you make your exit :)

Wedding Guest

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Outfit 1: 
         Dress--> Dry Lake Trudy Dress, $79 -
         Shoes-->  Valentino Satin and crystal-embroidered lace pumps, $975 -
         Purse-->  Jacques Vert Sandstone Frame Clutch Handbag, Cream, $100 (£65) -
         Earrings-->  Golden Triple Leaf Earrings, $10 (9.99 AUD) -

Outfit 2:
         Dress--> Ice Blossom Pastel floral dress, $54 (£35) -
         Shoes-->  Daniel, $305 (£199) -
         Purse-->  Valextra Isis Gioiello Mini Clutch, $1,320 -
         Ring-->  Jamie Joseph Amazonite Ring, $616 -

Outfit 3: 
         Dress--> Orange Daisy Lace Dress, $39 (£25) -
         Shoes-->  Kurt Geiger Bikini courts, $325 (£210) -
         Purse-->  Eickhoff Gold Glamour Pochette Windsor, $485 (€399) -
         Bracelet-->  Champagne Pearl Bow Bracelet, $6 -

What's your favorite?

Happy Friday (the 13th-- eek!), loves!



Lindsay said...

Oh such pretty picks for Friday Fancies! Love that green dress...the color is just amazing!

kailyn marie said...

We picked the same dress!!!! :)

The Heights Life! said...

I love your comment about the ants and cat food...we have been having the same problem. It has been raining so much here in Houston we are getting a break from the ants and the mosquito's, but who knows what we will have after! Have a great weekend!

The Heights Life! said...

P.S. I also have a black cat named Riley and he has a little white spot on his chest too....Maybe they are cousins, lol!

Sara said...

Oh, it's so hard to choose! I love them all but that green dress is so vibrant! All great choices. I'm stopping over from Friday's Fancies. Nice to meet another Sara(h)! Congrats on your baby boy...due one day before my birthday!
I'm a new follower and I'm looking forward to keeping up with you! :)

Shelby said...

Just found your blog, it's too cute!!:) I'd love it if we followed each other!
Shelby xoxo

Ruby S said...

I have been searching for a dress as a wedding guest and haven't found one yet. I waited too long to order online and I'm really regretting it!

Girlfriends Are Like Shoes

The Pink Flamingo said...

The green dress is very nice!

Anonymous said...

I totally caught a Hills marathon last week and was HOOKED. Man, I forgot how great that show was!

Hope you had a fantastic weekend!