Monday, July 2, 2012

15 Day Challenge: Day 1

We're all moved in! AND we have internet. Although I have tons of unpacking and organizing to do, I decided as soon as the intallation guy left, I needed to catch up on blogs and blogging :) Top priority- don't you all feel so loved?!

Last week, I signed up for Sar's 15 Day Challenge. You can join in the middle- so read the list of topics below and start posting if you're interested. Link-up your post each day so you can share with others :)

It's technically Day 2, but I need to backtrack to Day 1 first.

Day 1: List 15 Fun Facts About Yourself

1. I always have a hard time coming up with "fun" facts about myself. I either don't know myself that well, or I'm not fun. Or both.

2. I found a coupon for Magnum Ice Cream Bars on (side note: awesome website that has a Smartphone app for easy couponing.) and gave in to their deliciousness. Seriously, these things are amazing. I always thought the commercials with Rachel Bilson were a little dramatic. But I may run over cars in a traffic jam to get some these, too.

3. My favorite Pop-Tart flavor used to be Brown Sugar Cinnamon, but I've moved on to Blueberry.

4. My parents and father-in-law came to help JD and I move this weekend. We would NOT have been able to do it without them, and I cried after my parents left this morning. Yes, I'm 24 and have been living away from home for several years now, but I hate that they are 10 hours away. Knowing that spontaneous, fun, (even short) visits are not possible make me sad. I always feel like our time together is so planned. And that takes a little bit of meaning out of it.

5. I'm getting ready to try a new (to me) Lean Cuisine meal for lunch and I'm a little nervous. It's Chile Lime Chicken. I'll let you know how it goes...because I know you're all so interested ;-)

6. JD won't let me eat ice cream in a cone. I've always been more of a dish-girl, but one of the few times I got a cone I made a complete mess of myself and he was completely embarrassed. Therefore I am banned from cones.

7. I keep strange items. While packing, I finally threw away notes from hig school algebra, geometry, and calculus. WHY IN THE WORLD WAS I KEEPING THESE?? Well, my initial thought process after high school was "Maybe these will help with college math." Wrong. Going to class and taking notes was enough, I didn't need to look anything up again. Then, after college I still kept them because I thought "I'm going to be a math teacher, these might come in handy." My license is in middle school math. Why would I need calc notes? Needless to say, JD is happy they are out of the house and no longer taking up precious space.


The Chile Lime Chicken is pretty good. Not spectacular, but only a few Lean Cuisines are. (Yes, I do think some of them are better than non-frozen meals.)

8. JD and I rarely have questions for my OB when we go for my appointments. At first we think he was concerned that I'm getting all my information off of pregnancy websites, which can lead moms-to-be to compare themselves to other women even though each pregnancy is different. However, we're just so ignorant that, as long as I feel good, we have no concerns. I'm sure as my due date approaches we'll be a little more concerned with what's going on/what's going to happen!

9. I never updated on the Father's Day gifts I got for JD and my daddy, so I'll include the ones for my dad (because those are the ones I have pictures of) in this facts list. I got him a personalized golf towel from Etsy....

I made a small "dates" poster...
His daughters' birthdays and names.
And I got him this super card...
10. I'm sad that Shawn Johnson won't be competing the Olympics, but I wasn't very upset to see Nastia Lukin not make it. JD always thought she was hott. And I was jealous.
11. I cry more when animals die in movies than when humans die in movies.
12. I really like Hershey's Air Delights. I have no idea how pockets of air make chocolate better, but somehow, they do.
13. Despite the impressive effort of Air Delights, dark chocolate is still my favorite type of chocolate. Although, I love all kinds.
14. Food is always on my mind. Hence, it making up 6 (now 7) of these fun facts.
15. I love to organize. Which means I must leave you all now (and save Day 2 of this challenge until Day 3) and get crackin' on unpacking some boxes!

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Rachel said...

Blueberry poptarts are pretty good--but wildberry are my favorite!