Saturday, June 16, 2012

Pinterest Summer Bucket List

Today I'm off to Ohio for a 10 day visit! I'm going to miss JD and my kitty cat SO much, but I haven't seen my family since the holidays so this is much needed. I'll also be having 2 baby showers and attending a family reunion :) Blogging will take a backseat while I relax on my mini-vacation. I'm sure you all understand...considering you put up with me disappearing for practically the entire school year ;-) I'll leave you with a few things I hope to accomplish this summer, inspired by (what else?) Pinterest!

DIY string map 
DIY String State: My plan is slightly different than the directions. I'm going to take gray fabric and cover a piece of foam board. Then I'll use red thread. Go Buckeyes!

Pinned Image
I love you because...: Planning on doing this for JD for his first (unofficial) Father's Day. Shhh!

Tons of organization printables
Family Planner: Printables from this website (picture's origin) combined with ideas from this site and this site

Goodbye to yellow armpit stains! 1 tsp. Dawn, 3-4 tsp. Hydrogen Peroxide, 2 tbsp. baking soda. Mix together, rub in, and be amazed! 
Get rid of yellow armpit stains:  Use this homemade solution.

Button Monogram Sign: For baby's room. Colors will be light green, light blue, white, and brown.

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Make-Up Magnet Board: Mine will be much smaller...I only use a handful of products each day. Love the cups at the bottom!

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Menu Board: The cards have meals on the front and ingredients on the back to make shopping easy. How useful!

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 Pinned Image
Post-It Frames or Pasta Night Gift Basket: Create as a thank-you to the wonderful ladies throwing me baby showers.

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Homemade Fudgesicles: Get in my belly!

My summer will mostly consist of organizing my new apartment and getting ready to welcome Paxton into this world. I'm hoping to also fit in some good books (I feel like the only person in the [blogging] world who hasn't read Fifty Shades of Grey!) and some pool time (on moderately warm days and not in direct sunlight to keep from over heating!).

What's on your Summer Bucket List?


Kathleen said...

I am so greatful that you posted this post. I love so mnany of the ideas especially the make up magnet board and the family planner!!!!

Mary said...

I love all of these ideas for projects! Have a great time in the Buckeye state!!! O-H!