Monday, June 18, 2012

Hostess Gifts!

Post-It stands, inspired by Pinterest

I love hand-making gifts. Not only is it (usually) less expensive than buying something, it's more personal and more fun. Three of my cousins are throwing me a baby shower this coming weekend and I wanted to show my appreciation by creating something cute for them. I decided on these Post-It stands because they're useful and adorable. 

 Clear Frames + Scrapbook Paper + Post-It + Ribbon and Tag = Cute and Inexpensive Gifts

Chevron and buttons are two of my (and seemingly everyone else's) favorite things right now, so I started my design concept there. After finding these printables and finding ribbon in my craft box, I nailed down my color schemes.

Pink + Blue
Orange + Blue
Pink + Green 
 (I apologize for the dark pictures, I was in a rush and didn't try for better ones.)

The total cost came out to ~$5.00 per stand. Here's the breakdown...
frames from Target= $1.99/ea
bag of buttons from Jo Ann Fabrics= $2.99 (~$1/ea)
flower stickers from Jo Ann Fabrics= $1.00 (~$.33/ea)
Elmer's tacky glue from Jo Ann Fabrics= $1.99 (~$.66/ea)
Post-Its from Target= $5.39 for a 3 pk that came with 2 bonus pads (~ $1.08/ea)
Chevron paper= free
ribbon= no cost (already had)

I would love to display something like this on my desk and I hope the recipients enjoy them!



Savanah said...

this is such a cute idea!!!!

Brittany said...

What a fantastic idea! Thanks so much for sharing!