Monday, May 21, 2012


This was the reaction the husband and I had today during our 3rd ultrasound. Yes, I said 3rd. Let me back up a little...

After our 20 week ultrasound our doctor said that the size of baby's brain was on the high-end of normal. He wanted to do a follow-up ultrasound a month later just to make sure it didn't go into the abnormal range. In case you're new, we were told we were expecting a girl!

At 24 weeks we had our 2nd ultrasound. All they did this time was check the baby's brain and heart. We were told it was still at the high-end of normal. Although our doctor didn't seem concerned, he wanted to send us to the maternal and fetal medicine specialist just so someone who sees stuff like this a lot could give an opinion.

Today, 27 weeks we went for our 3rd (and it seems like final) ultrasound. The tech checked for all the body parts, asked us if we knew whether it was a boy or girl, and measured more body parts. Then she brought in the doctor who said that everything looks great- no problems with the brain! As she was wrapping up she said, "Oh, and you're having a boy.".

Whaaaaaaaat? YES! The first time they missed it. Maybe it was too early to tell. Maybe the baby was at a bad angle. Maybe the tech didn't really know what she was doing. Either way, it's a boy! JD and I just started laughing because we really didn't know how to react. We had planned on stopping by Babies R Us anyway so I could return some maternity we ended up swapping out some girl items for boy items on our registry. Luckily, we had decided to go gender neutral on the big items (stroller, car seat, pack-n-play, etc.), so we didn't have to revisit the hard decisions. We just chose some boy clothes, blue bottles, sports pacifiers, etc. rather than pink things with flowers :)

Although the potential problems with baby's brain were stressful, it turns out this 3rd ultrasound was a good thing! Better to find this out now than at the hospital :) More updates soon about name possibilities (no more Charlotte!) and nursery ideas (bye-bye pink elephants!).



Mary said...

Oh wow haha! Congrats on the news! I bet you are so relieved he's healthy! I'm excited to read more about your journey!! :)

Mateya said...

Oh my goodness! Well welcome to team blue! :)

At least you found out now and not in the delivery room is right!

I am so worried about that. We've only had one ultrasound and everyone who sees me swears I'm having a girl so I really hope that ultrasound was right ha!

MandeeFoFandee said...

oh my gosh, what a surprise! congrats on having a healthy little boy!

(we have a 3D ultrasound next week so I'm hoping to confirm that we indeed have a little boy as well, haha)

eliz. said...

SO glad everything is okay though!! Wow can't believe they made a mistake at first...hahah what a surprise...:-)