Sunday, May 27, 2012

Friday's Fancies + Food :)

 Friday's Fancies
(better late than never)
Summer Nights

Best Mountain white day dress
£50 -

Denim jacket
$80 -

Oasis leather sandals
$38 -

Fossil handbag
$198 -

ALDO metal jewelry
$12 -

$14 -

Recent noms...
Dinner on Saturday: corn on the cob, sliced tomatoes, hot dogs, grilled zucchini, and a pickle slice. (Yeah, the last part is probably pregnancy related...)

Lunch Monday: Red Robin. Only my 2nd time there. I absolutely love it. "Yum!", as they say ;-) I didn't get a picture of my BBQ Chicken wrap, but it was mighty tasty.

Also, JD and I recently started drinking Lipton Diet Green Tea with Citrus and we love it. He's trying to drink less diet pop (yay!) and I'm just along for the ride. This stuff is delicious and I'm not even a fan of tea.

(Please excuse the random stool in the background. I used to serve as an extra shelf on our desk, but then we re-arranged and I found we didn't need it anymore. JD decided it made for a fabulous side table for his easy chair...which isn't in the picture because he likes to drag it RIGHT in front of the TV to play video games...nerd.)

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