Monday, May 14, 2012

Bumpdate: 26 weeks.

Total weight gain/loss? About 15 lbs.

Maternity clothes?
2 pairs of pants (one shown in picture) and several shirts.

Stretch marks? Still only a few on my chest.

Sleep? Waking up once a night to use the bathroom, but I always go right back to sleep.

Best moment this week? Looking forward to my baby showers :) Heading to Ohio Father's Day weekend for a 1.5 week visit! Annnnd going hiking TWICE! I've been walking throughout the pregnancy, but I was really proud of myself this week.
With my 7th graders on a field trip to Devil's Lake State Park.
 Back to Devil's Lake with the hubby for my first (unofficial) Mother's Day :)

Movement? On and off throughout each day.

Food cravings? Sweets!

Gender? GIRL!

Labor Signs? No way, Jose.

Belly Button in or out? Almost completely flat.

Wedding rings on or off? On. Only some swelling in my hands when they're hanging down from a lot of walking.

What I miss? deli meat, fish, Starbucks caffeinated drinks, over-easy eggs, sleeping on my stomach, a variety of clothes options when I get dressed each morning, being able to put on pants and shoes easily.

What I am looking forward to? Spending my little girl's first year with her at home. I have decided to take a year off from teaching. I went back and forth a lot, but finally the fact that daycare practically cancels out my salary did it. And the fact that I can't get that year back once it's gone mad me realize that I need to do this- even if it makes us a little bit poorer.

Weekly Wisdom? The "juice" for the gestational diabetes test is NOT THAT BAD. I had heard horrible things so I was pleasantly surprised when I drank it. For the 1-hr test I had orange and it reminded me of Hi-C with a weirder after-taste. For the 3-hr test (because I "failed" the the first one) I had lime and it was actually better than the orange. Prayers that I passed this one are appreciated!

Milestones? Registering for our Childbirth Education class. I know JD is totally stoked about watching a birthing video :-P

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