Saturday, April 14, 2012


I really want one of these May Books planners.

I'd also like these personalized burp cloths for Baby D.
 Had this Midnight White Chocolate Chip cupcake from Gigi's a couple weeks ago and I've been thinking about it ever since.

First bump picture-- not sure when it was. 15 weeks maybe?

Current bump picture-- 21 weeks :)

He loves belly rubs :)

Today we bought Bert a harness and leash. He's a Bombay and everything we've read about them says they can learn to walk on leashes and fetch. He's already mastered the latter...he didn't have to learn it actually. He just started doing it one day. See it here. (Take time to watch until the end-- he doesn't do so well at the beginning). Anyway, he didn't take to the harness very well at first, but he seemed interested in going outside so I took him out for a few minutes. He wandered around our patio area and into the grass a little bit. I see big adventures in his future ;-)

Thanks for reading all the way through this random post. Until next time...


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elvi said...

<3 your are glowing!! :-)