Thursday, December 22, 2011


current book(s):
Lone Wolf-- previewing it for my 7th graders
current playlist: the radio. one good thing about my early 30 minute commute is the 104.1 morning show.
current nail color: none. hoping to do a sparkly white for Christmas.
current food: leftover Olive Garden Chicken Parmesan
current favorite show(s): 

How I Met Your Mother. JD and I are on Season 6 now and we're obsessed.
current needs: A longer winter break. Today was the first day and I just KNOW it's going to go too fast.
current triumph(s): Not taking a nap today. ha.
current bane(s) of my existence: Calories. Why is delicious food fattening??
current celebrity crush: 

Ryan Gosling. Watched The Notebook about a week ago and was reminded about adorable he is.
current #1 blessing: My wonderful husband. He makes me thankful for our life together every day.
current indulgence: Christmas candy from my students!
current outfit: moccasins, old college t-shirt, and sweatshorts. Classy.
current excitement: JD and I are heading home for the holidays today!
current mood: Relaxed- for once.
current favorite holiday decoration: the Christmas cards we've gotten. I hung them up in our kitchen.
current #1 item on your wishlist: 

iPhone. Which we'll be picking up in the next couple of days!
current new year's resolution:
Hmm, I haven't even thought about this yet. Maybe to stress less? That's not a very measurable goal, though.

2 comments: said...

Oohhh Lone wolf...I want to read it...:-) Tell me if it is good!

Nagehan said...

Hey! Love your blog and Wisconsin!!! My boyfriend is from there. We live in New York City but he's currently out there visiting his family for the holidays.

My current indulgence is also holiday candy! I'm especially loving the jolly rancher flavored candy canes :)