Friday, July 22, 2011


Today's Friday's Fancies is all about the little white dress (LWD). My bachelorette party is coming up in T-27 days so I thought I'd share the look I'll be going for that night.

outfit details:
 dresses (from left to right): (1) CATHERINE MALANDRINO White Embroidered Silk Tank Dress, $44, 
(2) White Crochet Dress**, $200, 
(3) Broderie Skinny Bodice Dress, $450 $225,
boots (from left to right): (1) Tony Lama Vaquero Brown Wingtip Square Toe Cowboy Boots, $7.99, 
(2) Office Leroys ranch black leather, $130 $65, 
(3) Lane Ole Women's Cowboy Boots, $20,
(4) Princess Lace Crystal Boots, $440 $265, 
(5) Corral Women's Angel Wing Heart Red Cowboy Boots - Snip Toe, $250, sheplers.comcuff: Celinda's Crystal Studded Silver Cuff Bracelet - Final Sale, $38,
flower hair clip: Sara Monica Flower Hair Clip and Pin Rose_Dark Pink: Beauty, $7.99,
earrings: Fuchsia Feather Earring, $16,
badge: Hen Night Bride To Be Badge - £3.20 - 19,
perfume: Victoria'S Secret Fragrance Mist, $20,
light up rings: Luz Bachelorette Hasta Bling Anillos: Salud y Cuidado Personal, $13,
suitcases: Hot Pink Suitcase (3 Sizes), starting at $13.95,Hair Fairy Clips,
nail polish: NARS Nail Polish - Schiap, $17 -

I couldn't decide on just one LWD or just one pair of this outfit collage allows you to mix and match! We'll be heading to a country bar for some drinks and line dancing (after some quesadillas and margaritas at a Mexican place) so of course I included some cute cowboy boots!I'm not the bedazzled-cuffs-&-feather-earrings type of person, but-hey!- it's my celebration :)
The suitcases are mini, so they're perfect for makeup and hair accessories. And super cute!

I'm totally in love with this lace,country, & hot pink combo! 
Do you like it too?
Head on over to {long distance loving}, find my outfit in the link up (#36!), and give it a thumbs up!
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Speaking of a LWD...

and this one:
Who doesn't like the Weasley's?!





Ma Belle La Vie said...

I love everything you picked for your bachelorette party look! Especially the first two dresses- so pretty!

Mo Pie, Please said...

I almost made my FF to be a simple white dress paired with cowboy boots. But for some reason I didn't do it. I LOVE YOURS and am going to go 'like' it right now! Have a great time this weekend!

Meg {henninglove} said...

i love the white dresses with cowboy boots, something so chic about them but still casual! great outfits. hope you have a great bachelorette party! said...

ahhh love love boots and white dress..yes please! You are going to look adorable!

Becca {A Blonde's Logic} said...

Your picks are great for mixing and matching!! And I agree, love the Weasleys!