Thursday, June 23, 2011

thursday thoughts.

Here are some thought's I've head today. In numbered list form, of course.

1. "I want to make cake pops." Find a recipe. "Ok, I don't want to make cake pops. Too much work for something that I will inhale in about 3 seconds. But I would like to eat one. Or 5."
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2.  "I should probably put real clothes on if I'm going out in public" (as opposed to my daily staple- yoga pants) Put on jeans and a t-shirt. Walk outside. "I thought it was the end of June!? What is going on? I wish I had a sweatshirt." Note to reader: It's 60 and rainy today in Madison. UGH.

3. "My Brown Eyed Girl station on Pandora would be fun for dinner music at our wedding reception. We've got Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World, Days Like This, Build Me Up Buttercup, etc. Love it!

4. "There HAS to be a flower that matches the David's Bridal color Sangria. I refuse to believe there isn't". My bridesmaids' dresses are this color and I would like to also incorporate it into their bouquets. Our florist is NO help. Apparently if he can't think of a flower off the top of his head, it doesn't exist. I know I could get silk flowers in any color imaginable, but I don't want to go that route. ANY IDEAS? Anybody out there use this color in their wedding...or been to one where it was used?

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The flower on the top left is closest to Sangria. Anybody know what these are called? They sort of look like peonies to me, but I'm not flower-smart.

5. "I want to get some iced coffee and browse Tumblr all afternoon." Done.


6. "My cat is adorable."


7. "The Biebs is on The View? Awesome." (show starts) "Ahh, MUTE. He's so awkward. He should never talk. Just smile and sing."

8. "Why do plane tickets cost so much? And the cost go up when you have more layovers. Who would buy those tickets?"

9. "Blahh, I'm bored."

10. "I need to delete some pictures off my laptop. ....Oh my gosh, such a cutie! I was adorable!"



LizzieBeth said...

Greetings from Lizzie In Progress!!

Congrats on your upcoming nuptials! Drink in every moment of this time while you can because, lawdy, it goes by fast!

If I remember correctly, I think the flower that the hubs (then fiance) snagged for me were simple carnations. They are a favorite of mine-- cheap, girly, and sturdy as hell.

Hope it helps, and good luck in your planning!!


Lindsay said...

It looks like the flowers in your picture is dyed carnations. They can be whatever color that you want except that the dye might start to leak. You can get Sangria colored Iris' or Dark Calla Lillies too OR roses dye easily.