Saturday, June 4, 2011


A recent trending topic on Twitter  (say that 5 times fast) inspired this post. 
Here are #13thingsilove:

1. JD
Juvenile Diabetes Foundation walk.
2. ice cream
fun fact: i prefer my ice cream in a bowl, not a cone.
3. reading
(picture found here)

4. my cat
Bert :)

5. making lists
(picture found here)
6. volleyball
high-school me!

7. my family
sister, mom, and dog on our annual Christmas tree hunt. dad must have not wanted to be photographed :-P
8. chapstick
(picture found here)
9. gum
(picture found here)
10. frappucinos
(picture found here)
11. Grey's Anatomy
(picture found here)
12. tank tops
(picture found here)
13. Ohio State
 (picture found here)


Jesslyn Amber said...

We have soo much in common! This is an adorable list! :)

Kristine said...

We have quite a few things in common according to this list! I'm just a rookie blogger right now but I am your newest follower!

Rissy said...

I went to OSU for freshman year!

I have been living on coffee for the past two weeks... well that and a little bit of sleep but massive amounts of food.

I ran out of chapstick, and it makes me oober sad.

fun post! loved it