Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Simple Things

The Simple Things

I'm linking up with the beautiful Jesslyn Amber today :) Here is a list of The Simple Things in my life that have made me smile this past week.

(1) Listening to my cat purr.
(2) When JD said "This is delicious!" during dinner.
(3) When Blogger came back to life :)
(4) JD's plan of action for registering at Bed, Bath, and Beyond: "We'll do the inside isles, then the outside wall, then move on to the next section." haha I love him!
(5) The caramel latte I enjoyed after said registering marathon at BB&B.
(6) Our Wednesday night TV line-up: The Middle, Modern Family, Cougar Town
(7) Getting the best parking spot in my apartment complex.
(8) Paying with exact change.
(9) Not being sore after day 2 of the 100 Push-ups Challenge!
(10) Getting a package :)




It's the book I won from Walk a Mile in my Boots! She sent a cute little card along with it :) I'm excited to start reading this and learning about how I can modify my diet.

(11) In addition to The Simple Things, I'm joining another new link up today! Amy @ Life's Journey with a Smile was inspired by F.R.I.E.N.D.S. to make a "Freebie Five" list (aka 5 celebs you would sleep with and not get into trouble with your significant other). JD and I have played this game many times, and he knows I love him, so I know he won't be offended ;-) So feast your eyes on this man candy....

[1] Channing Tatum
 That's a lot of hottness.

[2] Chad Michael Murray
I was so sad when he left One Tree Hill! Rumors are swirling about his return, though :)

[3] Matt Damon
So many good movies. So little time.

[4] Zac Efron
 He's my generation's Bieber. And he's my age so it's not creepy.

[5] James Lafferty
 One Tree Hill is the jackpot of hot men. And it got picked up for a ninth season!


JD and I are re-thinking our honeymoon plans. Instead of a 2-day getaway (and postponing our real honeymoon until 2012), we're thinking about a cruise right after the wedding. The "book early and save" price seems like a good deal.
Have you been on a Carnival Cruise before? I'd love to hear about your trip!
 We're having trouble finding exactly what the "all inclusive" price includes and what's extra. Any information would be appreciated :) Thanks!


Jesslyn Amber said...

You're an OTH FAN?! Ahh, I love you! There are rumors of CMM coming back? If so, my week is officially made!

Your list is perfect! I love hearing my dog snore (which is like your kitty purring!) It's so sweet!

And isn't it awesome to hear your significant other LOVE the meal you cooked? It makes it all worth it!

I love TV, so your Wednesday line up made me laugh! I love The Middle...*whispers* The Middle.... :)

And receiving mail is the best! Congrats on winning that book. So awesome!

Thank you so participating with me, sweet girl! You're adorable!

Kayla Sue said...

OH MY GOD! Chad Michael Murray might be returning?! And they picked up a ninth season?! I AM SO HAPPY!!!

You and I have very similar taste girl! I almost put James Lafferty and Chad on... and I completely forgot about Channing Tatum! How could I?!

Great list:)

Kayla Sue said...

P.S. I'm assuming you live in Wisconsin, (I'm a bright one, I know!) and that's my home state :) I have quite a few friends who go to Madison. I'm glad I found your blog!

Amy said...

I forgot about Channing! Oh boy he is delicious!! I'm so glad I decided to do this, it's SOOO much fun!

Anonymous said...

James Lafferty would top my list of OTH men... I can still appreciate even though I don't watch! :)

michelle said...

i almost stopped at channing tatum's abs. woooow it's hard to scroll past those ;) what a gorgeously designed human

megan said...

I may or may not only watch One Tree Hill for the hot men. I mean, ahem, the in depth totally awesome storyline. :)