Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lots of randoms...and a surprise!

What I Ate {Last} Wednesday
JD and I were a little ahead of the game when it came to Cinco de Mayo. We had our Mexican feast the day before :) Enchilada Casserole recipe here and Mexican rice recipe here. Both were fantastic- I highly recommend them. I'm planning on trying more recipes from both blogs.
Road Trip Recap
Friday:: We started out at about 1:30pm central and arrived around 12:30am eastern. Losing an hour meant that it was only 11:30pm to us, so we weren't dead tired. Well, I nodded off a little on the way, so JD may have been more tired than I was ;-) We stopped at Long John Silvers for dinner (my first time eating there) and I also requested a stop at Tim Hortons for an Iced Capp. Wisconsin doesn't know what good blended coffee is without an Timmy Ho's around!!
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Saturday:: Spent time with my family, helped my mom clean the house, went to JD's sister's graduation party, and worked out with my sister.

Sunday:: Church, visited one Grandma, visited other Grandparents and relatives, cousin's bridal shower at my parent's house, then relaxing and more time with the family.

Monday:: JD and I met with our pastor & I worked on some wedding things with my mom, spent some time outside soaking up the sun, and tried on my bridesmaid's dress (for cousin's wedding) and my wedding gown for our seamstress. Putting on the dress again gets me SO excited!! I can't wait to have the alterations done and wear it for friends and family on the big day :)
    bridesmaid's dress
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Tuesday:: Spent the day driving. The weather was gorgeous- almost 90 degrees :) Unfortunately, we had no idea this heat wave was coming and both wore jeans. The air conditioning kept us comfortable though and we spent the drive listening to the radio and playing our new favorite road trip game- counting cows! It's a little more interesting than it sounds. Yes, you count cows, but only the ones on your side of the road. If you pass a cemetery on your side, the other person gets to say "All your cows are dead!" and you go back to zero. Whoever has the most cows at the end of the trip wins. I was victorious with 39 cows to JD's 19 :) 
Megan @ Megan Dub-Yuh is playing "meet my followers". I wanted to share more about myself with MY followers, so here are my answers to her questions :) If you'd like, leave your answers or a link to a post in a comment. I'd love to learn more about you all!
1. How would you have described yourself in High School? Overall, I was the girl next door. I was a 2-sport Varsity athlete, a member of an elite choir, valedictorian, and president of our Student Council. I was (and still am) a reserved, shy girl with a Type A personality.

2. When you don't feel good what do you always want to help make yourself feel better? A good movie or TV show, preferably with no value to society at all (i.e. The Hills, Real Housewives, One Tree Hill, etc.) Chocolate usually helps, too :)

3. When you go to bath shops what type of flavors do you gravitate towards? Food ones, usually. The new cupcake candles at Bath and Body are to DIE for. I also like anything strawberry or coconut. During the Christmas season I also like gingerbread and cranberry scents.

4. When at a bar what is your drink? In OH it was Long Island Iced Tea, but for some reason bartenders in WI make it differently. Here I get cranberry and vodka. Or anything with Blue Curacao!

5. If you go to your closet right now what do you think is the predominant color in it? Probably black or white. I have splashes of color here and there but I tend to buy a lot of basics (tanks, plain shirts, etc.) in black or white.
and now for the surprise!
Dear Blog friends,
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Megan Dub-Yuh said...

YEA! Glad to get to know more about you and I am also following you now!
I love trashy tv at all times. I think tv really should be a time to relax and turn your brain off during the day.

Jennifer said...

Happy WIAW!!!! <3