Tuesday, May 31, 2011

fun at a great price!

Do you like good deals?
Do you like saving money?
Do you like coupons?
Yes, yes, & YES!

Then join Groupon! You will get daily deals (via e-mail) for restaurants, spas, recreational activities, and stores in your town. Signing up is FREE and you are never required to buy anything.


Please fill in my e-mail address (skelly.206@gmail.com) when asked. This is an opportunity for me to benefit from sharing Groupon with friends, but I also genuinely love this service and wanted to spread the word about a great way to save money.


My weekend fun was also at a great price!

JD and I went to the World's Largest Brat Fest on Saturday :) Let me clarify- the "world's largest" refers to the fest, not a brat. There was not a giant brat. However, the Oscar Meyar Weinermobile was there!



We ate some delicious Johnsonville brats, corn on the cob, and I had a yummy mango smoothie! We loved it so much, we decided to go back again for lunch on Monday! Memorial Day was a hot one in Madison- 89°! Luckily, I rubbed on the sunscreen. I missed a tiny spot on my neck and it was bright red by the end of the day. JD and I also visited our apartment complex's pool for the first time this season! We're hoping to spend a lot of time there in the next couple months. After experiencing my first Wisconsin winter (which, all-in-all is not that different than winters in Ohio), I am ready to bask in the sun whenever possible!

And so is my fur baby :)

He loves laying in this his old bottled water box!


Sar said...

I'll trade you an 89 for a 97! It's been entirely too hot in central TX!

Love the photos!

KY said...

I just love Groupon! I recently bought a $69 teeth cleaning and 10 sessions of Bikram yoga for $20!! SCORE!! =)

Mary said...

Sarah! I love your blog! Thanks for linking up with mine! I had no idea you were in Wisconsin, so I'm enjoying "catching up" with you! You and I can relate to missing home, so that's nice to have someone who understands! How is the wedding planning coming along? You are going to be one gorgeous bride!!

PS the dresses from one of your previous post are fabulous! I LOVE the printed dress. Even if you don't wear it to the wedding PLEASE get it. You look fantastic in it! The other two are awesome as well :)