Tuesday, May 24, 2011

bike fail.

I realized last night that I haven't posted since Thursday. JD asked me if I was feeling okay! haha I've been keeping up with my blog reading, but have slacked on the writing part. Here's a mini update for you....

 We went out with some friends and I had several of these

cranberry and vodka <3
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JD and I purchased bikes about a little over a week ago. Mine was from Target, but his came from a secondhand store, so he had to wait awhile before it was fixed and ready to go. We picked it up on Saturday and went for our first ride! I had some trouble figuring out how to use all the "speeds", but it was a fun evening :)

I woke up in the morning unable to sit down without butt pain! Bike seats ("saddles" if you want me to be all technical) are NOT comfortable. JD convinced me to go for another ride anyway. Not even 5 minutes from our house, I hear the sound of grinding metal. My bike was falling apart! Luckily, nothing fully came out, but parts were loose. JD concluded that it was the ball bearings (I had no idea what he was talking about). My butt was thankful for the rest, but I was quite upset that my bike was going back to the store.
Note: JD said the problem was the manufacturer's fault, not Target's. The only reason we decided to go somewhere else instead of buying another Target bike was that this was the only size/brand that fit me in our price range.

We got our money back and decided to search at the secondhand store for a bike for me as well. We found one yesterday, but it won't be ready for pick up until June 8th :( I'll be leaving for a 12-day trip to Ohio that day so we won't be bike riding together until late June. Regardless, we're excited to make biking our "thing" this summer!

Hot Tub Time Machine has been in our Netflix Instant Queue foreverrrr and we finally watched it Sunday evening. Good movie! We were laughing the whole time.
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[Clothing Report]
  (1) I got my jeans back from the tailor and I love how they fit!! I will never not buy jeans again if the only problem is that they're too big around the waist. Tailors are magical people.
(2) My yoga pants from Victoria's Secret arrived. They. are. perfect. Thank you VS for carrying 36 in. inseams :)

[Beauty Report]
About a month ago I bought a 1 1/2 in barrel curling iron with hopes that it would give me hair like this
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 or this
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No, I don't want to be blonde ;-) I want those big, soft curls! More than waves, but a little less intense than spirals. The curling iron did not work out. Maybe it needed to be at a higher heat setting? I don't know. I've decided that I need to get some hot rollers, but this is a whole new territory for me so I need some advice! Is there one brand that's better than others? Will I be okay with getting a $25 set from Wal-mart??

I had heard negative reviews about Target's gift registry (not everything gets listed, doesn't update when someone buys, etc.), so we didn't end up registering there. Here are some things I would have picked:
Room Essentials Glazed Stoneware 16-pc. Dinnerware Set - Vintage Teal

Wedding Rings 4x6" Frame

Spiral/Pearls Stemless Martini Set of 4

Kinect for XBOX 360

Char-Broil® 5 Burner Gas Grill - Stainless Steel

Room Essentials® Ogee Bedding Collection


Anonymous said...

i just love the dinnerware! great color!

Laura @ Wine and Cheese, Please said...

Those martini glasses are adorable. I kind of want to buy them and drink my skinnygirl margaritas out of them (who cares if they aren't made for 'ritas?).

tara said...

Ahh I love those martini glasses! So cute!

Dianna said...

I want that grill. I envision so many BBQs when I see it

Betty said...

Love that picture frame! I might need to go get one for myself!!

Courtney said...

I absolutely love that teal china set!!