Monday, April 4, 2011

Miscellany Monday--What's in a Name?

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In 180 days I will become someone new. This will be the biggest life change since....since I was born. No, I'm not having life altering plastic surgery. I'm getting married. Clam down, feminists. At my core, I know I'll be the same individual I've always been. What will change is my name, and I'm trying to adjust to this early so that when the time comes I'm not shocked.

I've always been kind of attached to my last name. All through grade school teachers would call me Kelly as if it was my first name. I was a shy child so I wouldn't always correct them. I got used to having a first name as a last name. I respond to Kelly just as much as I do to Sarah. Around 5th grade, the comment "You have two first names!" started. It isn't funny anymore (unless the joker compares me to Ricky Bobby, then I'll give them credit for the movie reference). In college, a few of my sorority sisters started calling me Sarah-Kelly (like it was a hyphenated first name...ex. Mary-Kate) or just my initials, SK. It never fails that at least one student per day will ask me if Kelly is my first or last name. When I change my name, these conversation starters will also cease to exist.

Currently, I have two first names and my fiance has two last names. His first name is Johnson. Yes, you read that correctly. We've both had name issues our entire lives. I find this connection between us rather endearing. But, alas, it will be no more in just 6 short months.

My family name will die after my generation. My dad has 4 sisters and 1 brother (who doesn't have kids). I have one sister. Our line of Kelly's will stop here. I thought about keeping the Kelly and having four names....but that would get too messy. There is never a space for two middle names on forms. And nobody would really know that I hung onto it anyway. Then there is the option of hyphenating...or just not changing my name. I ruled both of these out right away because I do want to take my future husband's name. And I want to have the same last name as my children.

So we're back to square one- saying goodbye to the Kelly. I'm not quite ready to let go; change has never been easy for me. What's in a name? I firmly believe that names have power. Paris Hilton sure has milked hers for all it's worth! I also believe that names fit certain personalities. My first name is traditional, Biblical, common, and old. I'm only 23, but those who know me would probably say that Sarah fits me very well. Will my new last name fit in?

To add to the randomness, I'm going to change directions (only slightly). Baby names. I'm not having children anytime soon, but (obviously) I love names. Naturally, I've made a list of my future baby names :)

Boy- Emerson, Avery, Jackson, Logan, Cayden, Jayson

Girl- Madison, Ellis, Savannah, Hailey, Kennedy, Cameron, Parker, Courtlynn

JD and I like modern, uncommon, and androgynous names. I guess we want to pass our name issues onto our children! It builds character ;-)

My list of middle names are even longer. I need to pare down. I'm not having this many kids!

Boy middle- Michael, Reese, Isaac, Bryce, Patrick, Kelly, Liam

Girl middle- Jae, Claire, Mae, Jane, Anne, Lynn, Eileen, Bree, Christine, Rachel

(Italicized names are family names.) For some reason I like mono-syllabic middle names for girls. Hmm. Anyway, I'd LOVE to know What are your favorite names? Does your name have a story?


Yvonne said...

I have always wondered about last names and how I'm going to make that work!

My name is Yvonne (obviously) but my nickname is Maggie. My mom wanted to name me after Rod Stewart but Dad said no ahahah so all my family& close friends call me Maggie. The name stuck even though it's not on my birth certificate!

TexaGermaNadian said...

I know how you feel, I was sad leaving my maiden name, but really do love my new one. I think a lot of people 'struggle' with that :) Random, but my husband went to Wisconsin (although I realize you didnt, lol)! Anyways, stopped over from FTLOB. Have a great one!

Sarah Kelly said...

Yvonne-- Did teachers always call you Yvonne on the first day only to have the class giggle because they weren't used to hearing it? I remember kids who went by their middle names and for some reason it was amusing when the teacher didn't know that.

TexaGermaNadian-- I've heard Wisconsin is a great school. I'm assuming your husband played hockey there?