Monday, August 5, 2013


Ee-gads! {Name that musical and be my best friend.} I can't believe my little one is a month away from ONE. Less, actually, because I'm late with this update. Life has been cray lately. So much so that I'm using the word cray. It's bad. But that's a sob story for another day.

Paxton is 11 months! This photoshoot didn't go so well. You'd think I'd know by now not to expect him to cooperate after about 2pm, but I tried anyway. He was not having it. On the upside, I didn't have to spend extra time scrolling through to pick the best ones. These are the only ones I took.

Weight and Length: No official measurements this month. See 9 months and stay tuned for his 1 year stats!

Favorite toys: Books, especially touch and feel ones like That's Not My Monster, Little Tikes scooter/walker, Ikea cars, Pound Puppies. Every one of these things is second hand. The book, scooter, and cars were found at garage sales and the Pound Puppies toy was mine when I was little!

Favorite foods: all finger foods (bananas, cheese, mandarin oranges, bread, Puffs, peas, etc)

Likes: stroller rides, being tossed in the air, looking out the window

Dislikes: when meal time is over, being told no

(Last one- he insisted on bouncing on the furniture...which is in our sunroom. We don't have that pattern in our living room!)

Firsts/Milestones: one nap per day, no more white noise, crawls

Yes, if you haven't been keeping up with these, this is the first update that includes crawling. He's on the late end of that gross motor skill timeline. He was on track with rolling from tummy to back and sitting independently, but was also late with rolling from back to tummy. He's been content sitting or laying in one place and didn't even attempt crawling until after turning 10 months. Then the week he turned 11 months he was off! JD and I were concerned (ever since 8 months or so) and it was hard to watch other babies the same age do so much more than him. We're okay with the fact that he won't walk until the late end of that timeline, too (probably 15 months or so) and (to find a positive) I'm thankful I've gotten to have a "baby" longer than most moms :)

Happy 11 months, baby boy. I love you!

9 months
8 months
7 months
6 months
5 months
4 months
1-3 months

Monday, July 29, 2013

{new 'do}

With all the stress surrounding me at home (holy moving chaos) and at work (creating a curriculum from scratch 3 weeks before school starts? yep.), I had the urge for something fresh and new. Something to make me feel energized and to make my life just a little easier. Behold my decision:

{please excuse my man shoulders}

The color is actually the same. The second photo is an iPhone selfie which makes the lighting wacky. I do this every so often. Chop it all off, that is.


{2011}- shortest I've ever had it

And another time in between there I don't have a picture of. 
I didn't end up donating this time (which is why I have those ponytails in the pictures above) because I had leftover color. Maybe next time. 

"Wait, did you make a resolution to not cut your hair this year?"


Obviously that one failed.

I'm doing pretty well on my other ones, though, so there's still hope for the 2nd half of the year.

--> Lose the baby weight.
Okay, this one isn't going so well either. I've plateaued big time. And this isn't helping.

-->Use all my 1/2 empty toiletries/cosmetics. Moving twice in the past 4 months has helped me declutter! I finally made myself use what I had.

-->Once a month, throw away/give away something I'm not using. See above.

-->Complete as many Day Zero goals as I can. See the full list here. Living rent free for a few months (Thanks, Mom and Dad!) Allowed us to pay more per month on college loans (goal #12). JD has eaten Indian food many times at work related lunches (goal #16). He has also participated in Meals on Wheels with some co-workers (goal #25). We're counting our son for goal #42. (Seriously.) I renewed my CPR certification for coaching (goal #50). I've taken a few online mini-courses for professional development (goal #52). Because our lives have changed SO much since we wrote this list, there are several items that we just don't care about anymore. That being said, there are still plenty I'd like to see crossed off by Christmas (the 1001st day!)

Now I'm off to shower and not take a week and a day to wash/dry/style my hair. Success.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

as of late

Just whipping up a quick "life lately" post before I hit the hay. Actually, I've already snuggled in tight and this is coming to you from my trusty iPhone. (Which isn't really trusty at all considering my contacts have disappeared 4 times now. Apple needs to get their shizz together.)

The last week has been all about MOVING! We closed last Monday and got some yard work done afterwards. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday my parents helped me move some stuff and paint Paxton's room and the guest room. 

Daddy-o hard at work. ^

Little man's room ^ It is super green, but I promise it looks better furnished :)

He was such a trooper as his schedule got a little out of whack for a couple days. And he tips that sippy cup like a boss. Too bad he's now into throwing it. I'm not ready for toddler behavior :(

Saturday we brought a load of stuff in and cleaned like crazy. JD's parents brought over the lightly used fridge they were storing for us (scored for $300 at an auction!). Sunday was the BIG DAY- We wanted to officially live here starting that night. Two cars, a minivan, a truck, and a trailer later, we were in. Our families are amazing and helped us get settled before taking off and wishing us a goodnight in our first place.

Found him sitting up and playing quietly after a nap.

Now every day includes cleaning, unpacking, organizing, and daydreaming about decorating. In that order. Over and over again. It's okay, though because this is OUR house and we won't be moving again anytime soon.

Ordered the rug on the bottom right for our living room. I've never been a fan of floral print, but these leaves caught my eye. 

 We are both very excited to be in our own place and JD's commute is now almost an hour shorter- yay! Once the majority of rooms are presentable I'll share a little more about our new pad. Spoiler: It includes a 3-season sunroom, a cat door, and kitchen cupboard space GALORE. *loving sigh*

Friday, July 19, 2013

2nd BIG announcement of 2013!

Remember that announcement I said was coming in mid-July? Welllllll, it's mid-July so--

JD and I have bought our first house!

If you follow on Instagram, you already knew! And, no, we did not purposely match :-P

We were in contract for a month and closed this past Monday. We are SO excited to have more space (an extra bedroom AND office space- whaaaa?!) and have a place for Paxton to grow up in. More pictures to come and hopefully a full "house tour" in about a month :)

Speaking of August....I'm going back to school! When we moved back to Ohio I started job searching and was lucky enough to find positions as a 7th grade Language Arts teacher and JV Volleyball Coach. I'm already super busy with summer league stuff and curriculum prep so why not add in a new house?! We enjoy the craziness, you know, so of course we're going to do all this stuff at once. Oh, and Paxton starts daycare when I go back to work. +100 on the stress scale.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

5 Blog Posts I Never Read

While scrolling through my BlogLovin' feed this morning I noticed a trend. I stop to read posts by my Daily Reads (see tab at top of page) and witty titles and pretty pictures catch my eye, but there are five posts I ALWAYS skip. They are as follows:

(Insert Reality Show Name Here) Recap- If I watch these shows I wouldn't need a recap. If I don't, there's a reason and I don't care who was voted off, didn't receive a rose, or won $100,000 dollars.

Subscription Box Share- Just not interesting to me. If I had some extra cash laying around I might subscribe to one, but I wouldn't assume other people would care what I'm getting each month.

Are You a No-Reply Blogger?- This has been done a million times before. If you find that you're encountering this problem a lot with your followers, maybe make a little note at the end of one of your need to dedicate an entire post to a tutorial. It's not difficult enough to warrant a seven step process. 

Bye-Bye Google Reader/ Import Your Blogs to Bloglovin'- Seriously, just stop. 

(Insert Product Name Here) Review- I know you most likely were required to write a post in exchange for a free product, but I'm just letting you know nobody is reading it. Unless of course there's a Rafflecopter at the end. That's a game changer.

What kinds of posts do you skip? Maybe you hate bumpdates and baby monthly updates. It's all good! We can agree to disagree.

Do you write these types of posts? Don't get all defensive, I'm sure not everyone is like me. And I don't write off every blogger who posts these. I just click "mark as read" and move on.

And because this post is text heavy...

That's how I feel by the end of the week, too, buddy!

Happy Friday!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Paxton Henry {10 months}

Weight & Length: No official measurements this month (see 9 months)

Favorite toys: wrapping paper roll, mess kit (tin pot and plates) at Oma and Pawpaw's, purple 1/2 sphere
*I realize none of these will make sense to you. Paxton prefers household items and parts of toys so I do the best I can to document them :)

Favorite food: Bananas, cheese, bread, pancakes, Puffs (finger foods in general) and Mommy's milk

- Kicking his legs
- jabbering ALL the time (including during meal time with food in his mouth). Says Ma Ma, Mo (more), Bah (Bert), and Pah (puppy)
- being outside 
- music

-being tired
-being hungry
-falling over
-not being able to get to something he wants

Sleep: ~9:30pm to 6:30am. Paci and blankie in his crib. Mobile and sometimes white noise for naps, seahorse and white noise for bedtime. 2 naps a day, 45 minutes to 2 hours each.

- no more rocking to sleep for bedtime
- loves standing by furniture, the dog's pen, and his Exersaucer

- first meat: hamburger (not a fan) and baby food spaghetti in meat sauce (fan)
- first time swimming

- Waves. Knows to wave when we say "hi" or "wave" but doesn't quite get "bye" yet. Also doesn't understand that someone has to be looking at him to react to the wave.
- First "allergic" reaction - to eggs. Quotes because he's not been diagnosed with any allergy and he only reacted to scrambled eggs (made with breast milk) and not eggs baked in pancakes. We'll be trying scrambled eggs again soon.
- Started pointing.

Happy 10 months, Paxton :) Mommy and Daddy love you!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

WIMB: {wishlist edition}

what's in my bag: wishlist

By sarahchristine on Polyvore

middle: lip balm // pens
bottom: planner // hair ties // wallet

-- Okay, so I don't even have an iPad, but if I did I'd want a sleek, classic case like this one. Nothing too fancy that'd I would be over in a week. And it's waterproof? Perfect for those pool-side days.

-- In Ohio, lotion is a must during all 4 seasons- because of the dry air in the fall and winter and because of the moisure-sucking process called shaving in the spring and summer. Don't worry, I still shave in the off seasons too. Occasionally.

-- I'm a big sunglasses girl. I don't care if they're "so 5 years ago." I need complete, dark coverage. These Chanel shades would work perfectly.

-- Everyone and their brother has an egg lip balm. Okay, maybe not their brothers, that'd be weird. And not me either. I want, I want!

--Colorful, fun pens to spruce up my....

--Erin Condren planner :) These are all over the blog world. You either love 'em or hate 'em and I'm pretty sure I'd love mine. All that space for schedules and lists- heaven!

-- I've also seen this style of hair ties on several websites. I don't know if there is a best brand (or Etsy product) to purchase, but it seems to me these cute F21 ones will do.

-- I used to carry those huge hobo purses, but since I now also have to carry an additional 19 lbs around (The baby, not my extra fat. Though I'm sure that doesn't help the issue.), I'm trying to streamline my baggage. Crossbody purses are the best and I use clutch wallets inside them so all my cards are in one place. And if I have to go out for a quick gas/milk/diaper run, I can just grab the wallet and my keys and be on my way.

What would you like to add to your bag this summer?